Some people only want to see you suffering, because they are suffering. Some people only hate you, because they hate themselves. Some people only put you down, because they need to be lifted up.

They resent you for possessing the qualities that they haven't been capable of cultivating in their own lives. At some point in their lives, someone told them that they werenโ€™t good enough and they believed them. Their attempt to ridicule and hurt you is only a misplaced attack against whoever abused them in the past.

The only way we can quit perpetuating this meaningless cycle of hatred, negativity, and abuse is by caring enough to look past the offense and see through to the pain and suffering inside the heart of the so-called offender.

When we stop pushing damaged people to the side and start embracing them with empathy and understanding; we can all work together to help dim the darkness of hatred, heal the hearts of the hurt and unify in the light of love.

โ€” Bobby J Mattingly