Trump Opens New 'Office' to Carry on Trump Admin Agenda; US to Continue Tough-on-China Approach

Trump Opens New 'Office' to Carry on Trump Admin Agenda; US to Continue Tough-on-China Approach

00:00 NTD News Today—1/26/2020
01:02 House Delivers Article of Impeachment
03:32 Janet Yellen Confirmed as Treasury Secretary
04:24 SCOTUS Throws Out 2 Lawsuits Against Trump
05:30 Trump Opens Office of the Former President
06:01 Cruz Reintroduces Term Limit Amendment
07:24 US to Continue Tough-on-China Approach
08:19 New Biden Policies at Odd With Airlines
10:08 13k Nat’l Guard Troops in DC: General
10:53 Twitter Suspends MyPillow CEO’s Account
11:34 Senator Hawley Calls for Ethics Probe
12:35 Nevada Mom: Don’t Judge by ‘Color of Skin’
14:55 Man Pleads Guilty to Terrorist Attack Plan
15:38 Fla. Bill to Repeal $45M Tuition Subsidies
18:15 New York MTA Memorializes Workers
19:33 1st US Case of Brazil Virus Variant
20:20 California Lifts Stay at Home Order
22:22 Court Denies Appeal, Nixes Capacity Limit
23:36 Chaplains on Frontline of Pandemic
25:15 San Deigo Zoo Gorillas Recover From Virus
26:27 Mass Virus Testing in 2 Beijing Districts
28:01 Pet Owner Walks Dog From 4th Floor
29:05 More People Collapse in Shanghai Subways
30:27 Thousands in China Face Food Shortage
33:24 CVS to Offer Vaccinations in 11 States
34:06 Expert: Energy Prices to Rise Under Biden
36:32 No Super Bowl Ads for Budweiser This Year
37:22 8 Job Fields See Growth of Remote Work
38:47 Godiva to Shutter All N. American Stores
39:55 450-Year-Old Oxford Pub Succumbs to Crisis

The House delivers the article of impeachment to the Senate; the U.S. Supreme Court throws out two cases against Trump as moot; and Senator Ted Cruz proposes limiting the number of times members of Congress can be re-elected.

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#Trump #China #Impeachment

Trump Creates ‘Office of the Former President’ to Advance US Interests, Carry on Trump Admin Agenda