Libra Tarot-Yoga Inspiration "Manifesting a new kind of thinking into true liberty"

Libra Tarot-Yoga Inspiration "Manifesting a new kind of thinking into true liberty"

A ❤️ felt well-come to you Libra

This is your monthly Tarot-Yoga-Inspiration.
The Sun moved into Aquarius „The Star“ and the waning Moon is in Libra “Equilibrium” or “Balance”

Spirit’s Invitation for this month: “Manifesting a new kind of thinking into true liberty”

Remember, life moves always in circles, and the moon stations, every 2-3 days, in one of the Zodiac signs. For me, the cards are always a request or invitation to see my current situation anew, so that I can learn and grow from it.

This Reading is for you and timeless, which means, whenever this video finds you, it’s meant to give you a message at that moment, even… if a year has passed… to inspire you and to go deeper to reconnect with your soul’s mission.

Enjoy… I’ll hope I see you again next month…

Love ✨❤️ ✨
and Light ✨🌟✨
The Mystical Healer ✨🙏✨

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Here are the exact dates of the Court Cards.:

Aries – Queen of Wands – Inspiration 12.03 – 09.04
Taurus – King of Pentacles – Materials 10.04 – 09.05
Gemini – Knight of Swords – Voices 10.05 – 09.06
Cancer – Queen of Cups – Voices 10.06 – 12.07
Leo – King of Wands – Inspiration 13.07 – 12.08
Virgo – Knight of Pentacles – Materials 13.08 – 11. 09
Libra – Queen of Swords – Voices 12.09 – 12.10
Scorpio – King of Cups – Voices 13.10 – 12.11
Sagittarius – Knight of Wands – Inspiration 13.11 – 11.12
Capricorn – Queen of Pentacles – Materials 12.12 – 08.01
Aquarius – King of Swords – Voices 09.01 – 07.02
Pisces – Knight of Cups – Emotions 08.02 – 11.03

When you see tripple or more of the same number your spirit-guides are talking to you at that moment.
Here are the meanings of each number

1. Beginning – Muladhara Root Chakra (1,111%) Point or Dot (1D)
Energy, Electricity, Money, Country, Land and Ground, Nationality,
2. Duality – Svadhisthana Sexuality Chakra (2,222%) Line (2D)
Female & Male, Negativ & Positiv, Sexuality & Creativity
3. Spirituality – Manipura Solar Chakra (3,333%) Depth (3D) – Solar Em|power|ment, Will, Action
4. Stability – Anahata Heart Chakra (4,444%) Square (4D) – Thought
Self Love & Self Worth, Pure & Clear Love
5. Humanity – Vishudda Throat Chakra (5,555%) Five pointed Star – Consciousness- Language, Connection, Communication
6. Sharing & Teaching – Ajna Third Eye Chakra (6,666%) Experience & Ancestors, Imagining & Visualizing
7. Higher Spirituality – Sahasrara Crown Chakra (7,777%)
All for One – One for All
8. Infinity – Soul-Star Chakra (8,888%) Home and Seat of the Soul
9. Completion – Ascension Chakra (9,999%) In|light|enment, Creator

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– The Tarot Cards I’m using
– The Hermetic Tarot
– A. E.Waite Tarot
– Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley
– The Light Seers Tarot from Chris-Anne
– The Good tarot from Colette Baron-Reid
– Mystic Mondays Tarot by Grace Duong
– The Mystical Healer Tarot-Yoga from Sabina Stahl
– Mystical Shaman Oracle from Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid & Marcela Lobos

*Remember, this is a general reading, if it resonates with your current life-situation, your intuition or gut will tell you right away. If it does not resonate, simply take one card that inspires you. Please check out your ascendant as well. Accept only what feels intuitive right to you.