चपरासी के इस बात ने जीवन को देखने का नजरिया बदल दिया | Nazariya Short Film

The short film reminds us of our spiritual identity and urges us to tolerate the daily up and down of life by knowing them to be temporary, just as the inevitable cycling of seasons.
with this insight, we get relief by contemplating that what lies around us even it may be challenging and unsolvable
It is temporary and we need to keep moving forward in life by trying our best and praying for the rest.


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Our performers:
Sandeep Singh, Gaurav Kumar, Shivam Verma,
and Deep Jaiswal

HG Dhamsevak Prabhu & Deep Jaiswal

Video and Graphics Editing:
Deep Jaiswal & HG Nitai Krpa Pr

Special thanks to:

Our Mentor:
HG Sundar Gopal Prabhu

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