Duniya Kannada Movies Full | Kannada Movies | kannada new movies full | Vijay (HP), Rangayana Raghu

Duniya Kannada Movies Full | Kannada Movies | kannada new movies full | Vijay (HP), Rangayana Raghu


Vijay (HP), Rangayana Raghu, Kishore, Mico Nagaraj, Yogesh, Sai Sunil, Chandra, Prasanna, Mahesh, Rashmi, Vasudha Barighat, Latha, Ambujakshi


Director Soori
Associate Director Chandra
Assistant Director Mahesh, Suresh, Sathish


Banner Samy Associates
Producer T P Siddaraju
Co-Producer A T Lokesh, C Rudrappa
Production Controller N Ramesh Thalaghattapura
Production Manager Madhugiri Prakash


Story Soori
Screenplay Soori
Dialogue Soori
Lyrics V Nagendra Prasad, V Manohar, Ranganath, Yogaraj Bhat

Other Crews:

Music V Manohar
Background Music Sadhu Kokila
Cinematography Sathya Hegde
Editor Deepu S Kumar
Stunts Different Danny
Choreography Madan Harini
Art Y S K Swamy (Prasanna)
Costume Babu, Anji
Makeup N K Umamaheshwar
PRO Sudheendra Venkatesh
Publicity Designs Kumar
Stills Digital Srinath

Sound Recording:

Effects Rajan
DTS M R Gandhi, D S Balaji
Dubbing Artist Deepa, Asha, Manju

Censor Details:

Dated 29-12-2006
Length 3656 Mts
Color Color (Cinemascope)

Audio & Video:

Audio On Akshaya Audio
Video On Sri Ganesh Video
Runtime 127 min

Songs & Lyrics:

Song Singer Lyrics
Ee Paapi Janara Haalu
Badri Prasad V Nagendra Prasad
Saala Maadiyaadru Thuppa
Mysore Jenny, Gururaj Hosakote V Manohar
Nodayya Kwate Lingave M D Pallavi V Nagendra Prasad
Preethi Maaye Hushaaru
Hemanth, Aakansha Baadami Ranganath
Ee Paapi Duniya Preethi
Badri Prasad V Nagendra Prasad
Kariya I Love You Rajesh Krishnan, Nanditha V Nagendra Prasad
Innomme Neenu Bandu
Badri Prasad Yogaraj Bhat

Release info:

Release date 23-02-2007
Main Theater Majestic
Weeks 26

Plot Summary:

Duniya is the story of the oppressed and the suppressed section of society who have been denied access to quality life, education and decent living space. Shivalingu, the protagonist of Duniya is one such person in Bangalore and his only ambition is to build a tomb for his dead mother. Shivalingu comes to the city from his village after burying his dead mother. He saves Poornima, a poor girl studying in college from a group of rapists. When the girl is driven out of the place where she has been staying, it becomes inevitable for both Shivalingu and Poornima to stay together. Help comes from a drunkard who has connections with the underworld. And thus starts Shivalingu’s difficult journey in such an environment. Hounded by both the police and the underworld, he becomes a victim of deceit.

Shivu an orphan and uneducated villager comes to Bangalore in search for a living. He meet Poornima a young girl living in a hostel and falls in love with her. Shivu wants to support her education and so joins hands with the underworld to earn quick money. The love for Poornima makes Shivu to fight with mob leaders. In the process the kingpin gets killed. Police mistake that Shivu is responsible for the murders. Would Shivu be able to escape from the police and get Poornima out of the underworld? Watch this movie to know more. #kannada