A great leader, legend and ICON. Jim Lorimer – a true inspiration to all.

A great leader, legend and ICON. Jim Lorimer – a true inspiration to all.

ANGT TV America’s Next Great Trainer featured story of Jim Lorimer – creator of the Arnold Sports Festival. At 91 years of age, post car accident (not at fault). Jim determined to comeback. A true inspiration to all. This will inspire you to hit the gym, lift weights, and get strong. Do these things and It will change your life.

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ANGT TV follows Jim as he commits to a serious strength and conditioning program with Trainer/Coach Jimmy Dong at Metro North Worthington, Ohio

The Trainer, Jimmy Dong, responsible for some of the most incredible stories, changing peoples lives. This defines the legacy, who Jim Lorimer is, what he stands for and believes. “We must always strive to do better than our previous best”. When he speaks his compelling words always bring humor, smiles, laughter, hope, and inspiration. Hope, that tomorrow will be a better day. What Mr. Jim Lorimer has done in the world of sports, health & fitness is priceless. His loyalty to Columbus, Ohio will forever be remembered impacting countless lives.

In downtown Columbus, stands the beautiful bronze statue of Arnold donated by Dr. Robert Goldman. One day Arnold’s mentor, advisor, father figure, and best friend Jim Lorimer will be set right along side him. Together they have built the largest, greatest multi-sport, health, and fitness event in the world – the Arnold Sports Festival.

The Arnold Sports Festival:
* The largest multi sport, health and fitness event in the world.
* Held in 6 conuntries: USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.
In the USA, Columbus, Ohio where it began
* Over 200,000 attendees
* 80 sporting events
* 18,000 athletes and competitors

For more information www.arnoldsportsfestival.com