'Jeepers Creepers' opening inspiration

'Jeepers Creepers' opening inspiration

I never cared for the actual movie but I knew the opening was very familiar. Compare for yourself.

A male and a female driving down a lonely country road. They are playing a licence plate game. A killer passes them. Further down the road, they pass the killer again at a creepy abandoned building getting rid of bloody evidence. The killer follows them. They later return to the creepy building to investigate.

Those of us who watched ‘UM’ in the 90’s remembered the Dennis DePue segment very well, especially from the opening sequence. It seems Jeepers Creepers writer and director Victor Sulva remembered it well too and used it for the opening of his movie since every event happened in the exact same order. It is interesting to note, I listened to his commentary on the movie and never once did he give credit or mention where his inspiration for the start of the film came from.

For those who don’t know about Dennis DePue, he did not kill people for sport like the Creeper. He was simply a moron that went through a very bitter divorce and ended up kidnapping and killing his ex-wife. The day after he was profiled on UM, he was spotted in Texas and led police on a high speed chase that ended with him taking his own life. To see the full UM segment, click on the link: